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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Physics (Code No. 24)
1. Mechanics : Units and dimensions, S.I. units, Motion in one and two dimensions.
Newton's laws of motion with applications. Variable mass-systems, Fricitional forces,
Work, Power and Energy. Conservative and non conservative systems. Collisions,
Conservation of energy. Linear and angular momenta. Rotational kinematics,
Rotational dynamics. Equilibrium or rigid bodies. Gravitation, Planetary motion,
Artificial Satellites. Surface tension and Viscosity. Fluid dynamics, streamline and
turbulent motion. Bernoulli's equation with applications. Stoke's law and its
application, Special theory of relativity, Lorentz Transformation, Mass Energy
2. Wave & Oscillations : Simple harmonic motion, Travelling & Stationary waves,
Super position of waves, Beats, Forced oscillations, Damped oscillations, Resonance,
Sound waves, Vibrations of air columns, strings and rods. Ultrasonic waves and their
application. Doppler effect.
3. Optics: Matrix method in preaxial optics. Thin lens formulae, Nodal planes, Systems
of two thin lenses, Chromatic and Spherical aberration, Optical instruments,
Eyepieces, Nature and propagation of Light, Interference, Division of wavefront,
Division of amplitude, Simple interferometers. Diffraction - Fraunhofer and Fresnel,
Gratings. Resolving power of optical instruments. Rayleigh criterion, Polarization,
Production and Detection of Polarized light. Rayleigh Scattering. Raman Scattering,
Lasers and their applications.
4. Thermal Physics : Thermometry, laws of thermodynamics, Heat engines, Entropy,
Thermodynamic potentials and Maxwell's relations. Vander waal's equation of State,
Critical constants. Joule-Thomoson effect, Phase transition, Transport phenomenon,
heat conduction and specific heat in solids, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Ideal Gas
equation, Maxwell's velocity distribution, Equipartition of Energy, Mean free path,
Brownian Motion, Black-body radiation Planck's Law.
5. Electricity and Magnetism : Electric charge, Fields and Potentials, Coulomb's Law,
Gauss Law, Capacitance, Dielectrics. Ohm's Law, Kirchoff's Laws, Magnetic field,
Ampere's Law, Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction, Lanz's Law, Alternating
currents, LCR Circuits, Series & Parallel resonance, Q-factor, Thermoelectric effects
and their applications, Electromagnetic Waves, Motion of charged particles in electric
and magnetic fields. Particle accelerators, Ven de Graaff generator, Cyclotron,
Betatron, Mass spectrometer, Hall effect. Dia, Para and ferro magnetism.
6. Modern Physics : Bohr's Theory of Hydrogen atom, Optical and X-ray spectra,
Photoelectric effect. Compton effect, Wave nature of matter and Wave-Particle
duality, Natural and artificial radio-acitivty, alpha, beta and gamma radiation, chain
decay, Nuclear fission and fusion. Elementary particles and their classification.
7. Electronics : Vacuum tubes-diode and triode, p-and n-type materials, p-n diodes and
transistors, Circuits for rectification, amplification and oscillations. Logic gates.
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