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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Commerce (Code No. 07)
Part - I : Accounting
Preparation of the Financial statements including statement of sources and uses of
funds. Ratio analysis and interpretation : Ratios relating to short term liquidity, long
terms solvency and profitability.
Company Accounts : Issue and redemption of shares and debentures, Capitalisation of
profits and issue of bonus shares; Accounting for depreciation including accelerated
method of providing depreciation. Study of Indian Accounting standards : Accounting
standards relating to Accounting Policy, Valuation of Inventory, Depreciation, Fixed
Assets, Events occurring after Balance Sheet Date.
Rate of Return on Investment (ROI) : Evaluation of the over-all performance of a
business entity, Marginal costing and decision making.
Auditing : Objects of auditing, Balance Sheet and continuous audit; Concept and
objects of management audit; Company Audit : Appointment, rights, duties and liabilities
of a Company Auditor.
Part- II Business Management and Secretarial Practice
Floatation of a Joint Stock Company-Procedure and documents; Doctrine of indoor
management and Principle of constructive notice ; Types of securities SEBI guidelines
regarding their issue.
Management Functions : Planning, Organising, Directing, Coordination and Control.
Organisation structure : Centralisation and decentralisation; Delegation of authority,
Span of control; Management by objectives (MBO); Management by exception.
Company Secretarial Practice : Appointment, qualifications and disqualifications -
Rights, duties and liabilities of Company Secretary, Drafting of notices, agenda,
resolutions and minutes.
Stock Exhanges : Primary and Secondary markets.
Procedure and Financing of Export and Import Trade, Export promotion, Role of
EXIM Bank; Principles of Insurance - Life, Fire and Marine insurance.
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