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Saturday, November 10, 2012



The preparations are different for different types of exams. Some competitive exams need long term preparation while your RAS or IAS level exams may need more preparation of one or two years.

Tips No. 1 : No fear from exam and be confident

1.    Leave your fears and

2.    Free your mind before starting the study.

3.    You have to be confident and

4.    It is the most essential power you should have for attaining victory.

 Tips No. 2 : Make Time Table

1.    Make a time table before starting the study,

2.    Tough subjects can be given more time and easier ones less,

3.    Most important thing is that some time shall be allotted for entertainment and

4.    There should be sufficient intervals between each subject.

Tips No. 3 : Choose a Good Atmosphere

1.    Atmosphere has very important role in the study,

2.    Choose a place where you feel comfortable,

3.    Choose a place where you feel relaxed and can concentrate,

4.    You have to make sure that you are concentrating on one subject only at a time,

5.    Other books should be away from your eyesight,

6.     It is better to study early morning,

7.    In the morning the surroundings will be in silence and you can concentrate more,

8.    Never place a mirror in the room,

9.    It will lead to lack of concentration on study,

10.  At the time of Study Facing East or North-East,

11.  By this practise you will get great positive energy.

Tips No. 4 : Always Sit Straight

1.    Don't study on bed/ lying on a chair instead sit straight,

2.    Keep your spinal cord straight,

3.    Try to place your legs parallel to ground,

4.    Other position is placing the legs on the ground causes ionization and induces sleep,

5.    You should be alert that legs are not above the head level,

6.    By this, the blood flow direction will affects and causes sleepiness,

7.    It is better to place the legs almost parallel to ground but a little lower.

Tips No. 5 : Make Good Notes

1.    At the time of study, make small notes and that should not be descriptive,

2.    Notes should be in brief so that you can remember all points while doing revision,

3.    An ideal note shall include all important formulae and figures,

4.    It will be a lot worth if you use these notes for the revision in last one or two hours,

5.    It won't take much time to go through this note,

6.    If you feel tough anywhere you can refer for that portion in text book.

Tips No. 6 : Sleep 6 to 8 Hours Daily

1.    Sleep deprivation study shows that Optimum hours for sleeping is 6hrs,

2.    On the night before exam you have to sleep atleast 6 hours but not more than 8 hours,

Tips No. 7 : Eat in Proper Quantity

1.    Don't fast on exam day,

2.    Your food should be proper as in your daily diet,

3.    This will have reverse effect, so please take food properly,

4.    Don't forget to have a glass water before you go to bed.

Tips No. 8 : Write Well and Present well

1.    Whatever you studied or prepared your marks will depend on how you present them in the Exam,

2.    The teachers may not be able to read all what you have written,

3.    Try to present answers in points,

4.    In Long answered questions don't forget to underline the important points,

5.    Your hand writing also affects your marks,

6.    Try to write clean and neat,

7.    If you presented it in a good manner you can score more marks,

8.    Answer the questions you know well, first,

9.    Care should be taken so that you manage time well and is able to attend all questions,

10.  If there is any question out of syllabus, then you should attend it,

11.  Mostly full marks are awarded for such questions.

Tips No. 9 :  Believe in youself

1.    Your mind should be free at least 10 minutes before exam.

2.    Pray can give you immense energy and peace to your mind,

3.    You should be confident about what you can,

4.    It will always produce pleasant result,

5.    Don't discuss soon after exams,

6.    The best gift you can give your parents is your victory,

7.    Study is not for them they are compelling you to study for your future.
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