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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Beattie other cultures.
@ Beals & Hoijer / An Introduction to Anthrology
@ Haviland . An introduction to Anthropology .
@ U. S. Mishra . An introduction to Social – Cultural Anthropology ( in hindi ).
Mishra & Hasnain, Unifying Anthropolog
Honigman the World of man .
@ Herskovits cultural Anthropology.
Majumdar & Madan . An introduction to Social Anthropology
Sgar preet . Basic concepts in Sociology and Anthropology .
Abhik ghosh , Meeting with the other ( on Fieldwork techniques )
Gaya and pandev , cultural Anthropology .
Harrison et, Al. Human Biology .
Shukla & Rastogi. Physical . Anthropology & Human Genetics .
Stein &Rowe , An introduction to physical Anthropology
Vaid & pandey . Jaivik Manavshastra ( in hindi )
B janusch origins of man
Virender kumar . Evolution of Genus Homo
Surender nath. Forensic Anthropology
Surender nath nutritional Anthropology
M. Harris . Rise of Anthropologycal theory
U. S. Misra. Anthripologycal thought ( in hindi )
Herskovits cultural Anthropology .
NCERT.Indian Society social change .
Bhattacharya D. K. An Outline of Indian prehistory .
Srinivas caste in India & other Essays
Srinivas, Social change in Modern India
Y. Singh Modernisation of Indian Tradition
Vidyarthi & Rai Tribal cultures of India.
N. Hasnain Indian Anthropology
N. Hasnain tribal India
R. C. Verma, Indian tribal
A. L. Basham . the wonder that was India .
G. S. Bhatt Bharatiya samajik vichar 9 in hindi
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